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The 8 Week Summer Strong Programme

  • 91Days
  • 42Steps


An 8 week programme aimed at all women to help increase core balance, mobility, flexibility & build strength. On this programme you will tone tone tone! If you are looking to improve your mobility, flexibility, balance, strength and core strength this is the programme for you. Each class is 30 - 35 min long - no need to worry about warm up and cool down - they are all included in the work out. Every week there are 5 live classes on zoom or catch up on the recording here. Each week it’s broken up into 5 x 30 min workouts; 🔥 Continous Cardio which is a 30 minute workout where we move continuously. Aimed at improving the cardiovascular system , improving endurance, strengthening your heart and lungs & decreasing blood pressure. 🔥 Weighted Sessions - to strengthen bones, muscles, improve balance, better flexibility & well being. 🧘‍♀️ Finishing off the week with an optional full stretch work out There are: 3 x weighted sessions every Monday, Wednesday & Friday 2 x Cardio sessions every Tuesday & Thursday 1 x add on stretch every Friday (after the Friday weight session) Every 30 minute session is choreographed to music meaning: 🪩 you can sing along 🪩 you work harder without even noticing 🪩 it keeps you engaged This course can be done by any fitness level. (Please be aware there are squats & lunges however a lower alternative will be shown). At the end of the 8 weeks you will 💯 feel stronger 💯 be fitter 💯 feel better And…. 💯 feel like you can achieve anything 4 weeks you notice the difference 8 weeks they see the difference

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The Summer Strong Programme

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