Fitness Class Info


A Beginner to Intermediate Fitness Pilates Class

Incorporating all the moves from Joseph Pilates (founder of Pilates) We use slow moves to help destabilise the core. To help it get stronger. This class is fantastic as a starting point for exercise. Especially if you are suffering with:

Back issues

Long Covid

We work into the stretch. Super good for posture, alignment, backs, shoulders, core. And it will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready for bed!


A Body Weight Or Dumbbell Resistance Class.

You can expect a full body workout for every muscle group. By either using your own body weight, simple tins of food items or weights. We look to build endurance and strength. 45 minute workout where you will see results. Suitable for all.


A 50/50 Split of Boxercise and Zumba.

Love Boxercise? Love Zumba?

Love to fight then dance (ha) this is the class for you! 45-50 min class where we start with boxercise moves to work all your back, core, arms and shoulders (and the legs too!) We then shake it all off and down with salsa, soca and shimmy'ing. This class will work all your muscles groups, help with co-ordination. Exercise the brain. But most of all - its fun and it works!


A Cardio and Body Weight Class.

We incorporate boxing moves to tone all the upper body and to get the heart and lungs working. Followed by toning exercises for arms, back, legs and core. This class covers it all. All fitness abilities are welcome. 


A Dance Inspired Work Out Class For All

Oh my gosh. Where do I start to explain how fun Zumba is? Its fun, it works, you feel fantastic after it. We cover all styles of dancing from salsa to soca. You do not need to have formal dance training - just an ability to want to shake it all off and have a really enjoyable fitness class. This class is really suitable for all ages and abilities. So come on Shakiras - what are you waiting for!


A Cardio Class to Increase Overall Fitness

A complete head to toe cardio class using all the muscle groups. Suitable for all fitness abilities as non impact options are demonstrated and shown. If you're looking to super charge your fitness - this is definitely the class for you.