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Meet Deb

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Certified Zumba And

Strong Nation Instructor
(and normalish person)

Who am I?

I'm a mom of 2 kids. Callum is in the Navy and Lil is a 15 year old feminist in the making. I'm a full time worker. I'm funny, hardworking, been called slightly eccentric at times (which I, of course, do not see) I'm just someone who does not take themselves too seriously. I mean life can be hard at times and sometimes we just need to breathe and laugh.


So what brought me to Zumba?

I'll talk about why I love (and I mean really love) to dance first. 

I grew up dancing in the kitchen with my sisters. We would practice all the dances from top of the pops (if you remember it) We would put on little shows in the neighbours garage and charge 20 pence to watch them - you name it we did it. We used to take disco dancing lessons at the local community centre and we would then dance at various different (local) carnivals. Both my parents would also take us out dancing with them to local social clubs. Rock and Roll Night - the full works. We would always be up dancing. Dancing was an expression of who you were and how you were feeling.

As I got older I could go to pubs, clubs and discos. For me, personally, I found it to be a profound way of (almost) therapy. We all have issues in life, sad times, stress and pressures of every day. Every time I went out dancing, I would literally dance it all away. (Shake it off)

Fast forward years later and I would go to the gym a lot. Dancing and going out dancing fell by the wayside with 2 young children, full time job and no supply of baby sitters. So I think at that time exercise was a necessary but mainly (to be completely honest) some form of punishment to myself. Which is sometimes what we do. We eat a certain way and then think 'got to exercise it off'. Rightly or wrongly this is what I did for years.

One day I just woke up and became fed up of this way of exercising. I wanted to exercise but I wanted it to be fun. But I soon found out there is no FUN exercise. Then I discovered Zumba. And my love affair began.

The issue for me at that time was I loved Zumba but with 2 young children and being by myself I could not afford to go to local classes. That is the truth. The cold hard truth. At £4 or £5 an hour not to mention the times - If I was to take the class 2 or 3 times as week it was £10 to £15 plus all the time. Was not feasible for me. At that moment in time I promised myself that when I could I would become a Zumba Instructor and I would do everything in my power to bring Zumba to the masses. To the people like me, who had children, who maybe didn't have a lot of time or money. But some way shape or form I would make this form of exercise accessible for all. When times are hard mentally, emotionally or financially we all need something in our lives which makes us feel better for that short half an hour or 45 minutes and dancing does this. It lifts the spirit, it lifts the mind and it helps the body too. This is why I teach Zumba to help people like you.

So where does the Strong Nation Fit in?

Why do I teach that?

There is always yin and ylang isn't there. We have the dancing (the yin) and then we have the fighting (the ylang) Ha! On a serious note this completes the exercise circle for me. Sometimes we have pent up frustrations in life and there needs to be a release. Strong Nation incorporates elements of boxing and martial arts and tones up the bits the Zumba doesn't reach (ha) Again I want exercise to be FUN. I want it to be affordable and accessible. And I want everyone to have the chance to try it. These reasons are so important to me as I have been in difficult situations in life. I have been where maybe you are sitting and I want to help you. This way I can.

My Vision

My vision is to bring the fun, joy and fitness of Zumba to the masses. To make it affordable for everyone to join in. To help people feel better about themselves through the power of dancing and getting fitter at the same time. 

My vision is to show that HITT training is for all through Strong Nation. That there is nothing to fear only results to gain. 

My vision is to show everyone that exercise can be fun. It can be exhilarating and does not need to be taken so serious.

My vision is to help people just feel better about themselves through the way I know and love.

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