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About Zumba

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Excuse the expletive but how bloody brilliant would that be? Who would have actually thought that dancing could change your life and that is, quite simply, all you ever needed to do!

Of course I am being facetious. But hang on a second Deborah (I hear you say) there a chance it could?


So you've heard of haven't heard of may have tried a might have always wanted to try a class... But what is Deb' Virtual Zumba? 

Debs Virtual Zumba is a Zumba class taught online over zoom straight to your living room, kitchen, bedroom, garden or even the garage in some classes. It is all about using different styles of dance to exercise. From Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia to fun Soca, Merengue and many more. Each style of these dances have their own unique flavour. The way each Zumba Instructor teaches has another type of flavour. And then way you, your best friend  or neighbour interprets these moves is also another flavour on top!

Oh Gosh - that sounds like a whole lot of flavours doesn't it!

In a nutshell I will say what Virtual Zumba is to me:

"the most fun way you will ever burn calories, get steps in and's dancing of various fusions in a safe environment of your home.... without worrying about how you look, whether you get steps right or not. And it comes with no stress...."

I could write so much more about why you should try it and what health benefits you can get (the usual exercise benefits) but you do not truly know what YOUR ZUMBA will mean to you until you try it.

So try a free class, do every Saturday free until you decide whether you're a Zumba Junkie like me and the rest of the Zumba Crew. But I absolutely know it will lift your spirits like no other exercise class does. No one ever finished a Zumba class wishing they hadn't done it.

Why Zumba?

Suitable For All Levels

Lots Of Classes Or Download!

I Will Do My Best To Help You

Beginner To Advanced 

Dancing Works!

Qualified Instructor

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