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Debs Fitness Classes
Live On Zoom, In Person @ Harborne Or Recorded For Catch Up

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Hi, I’m Deb

Fully Qualified Fitness Instructor

(Zumba, Fitness Pilates, Boxercise, Group Weights Classes)

I'm a (normalish) 42 year old woman who just loves to laugh and is not prepared to grow up! I truly believe exercise can be fun whilst still being effective. Of course it can be hard but it can be FUN too and that's what I bring to you.


Book an Online Class

  • Live Class For All Ages And Abilities
    45 min
  • 60 minute class consisting of 20 min of Boxing, Toning & Zumba
    Duration Varies
  • 45 minute full body cardio fat burner class
  • 45 min class with 25 minutes of cardio boxing and 15 min of core work
    40 min
  • Live fitness pilates class on zoom. Suitable for all levels,
  • Beginners low intensity classes.
  • Suitable for all fitness levels, we work your heart rate and tone thos...
  • 45 minute Full Body Strength Class using weights or body weight
    40 min
  • A 45 minute class for all abilites. In Person
    1 hr
  • A 45 Min Cardio and toning work out
  • A class to tone legs, bums and tums and all those body parts including...

Not sure you want to sign up? 

Completely understandable. It can take a few goes to really see whether you like something:

  • First time....hmmmm thought I would get the steps quicker think I like it...not too sure

  • Second time....actually I like this...haven't got the steps though...let's see

  • Third this...I'm only picking up the steps and now I can really feel it working

It takes 21 days or times to form a habit. So if you're not sure - why not try the pay as you go sessions. ​

Obviously it is considerably cheaper to do the monthly pass but this is the best way I can help you join in without commitment of a monthly pass and be able to really see if this is for you. These are exactly the same times. The link below will take you straight there.

Virtual Live And In Person Fitness Classes

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

How many times do we see these transformational headlines - THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Lets be completely honest. I want to help you feel better about yourself - will that change your life? Potentially. But we do not know until you try it. The one thing I do know and can guarantee is you will certainly feel better about yourself afterwards. Because when is dancing not fun....NEVER!

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